BEE POD: food for bees

BEE POD: food for bees



Feeding our endangered pollinators with care.

An organic, wholly natural, non-GMO, flowering food source for butterflies and bees.

Each pod, a little smaller than a ping pong ball, is self-contained with just the right mix of earth and nutrients, and lots of robust pollinator-friendly seeds.

Quantity per package: four deftly packaged pods in one reusable burlap pouch. Contains perennial, annual, and heirloom seeds.

Planting for the future.

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At times, it may feel like the societal wave of “Save the Bees” is at near peak with imminent decline, but statistically, concerns for the threatened health of these pollinators is far from over.  

As recently as this year, bees continue to be added to the Endangered Species list. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) per recent risk assessment (, recognizes the detrimental effect of pesticides to our pollinators. The hope is, EPA regulatory acts are an adequate action and not too late in implementation.

Through study and continuous hands-on interaction, I firmly believe bees and humanity are deeply intertwined; simply, what is good for bees, is also good for us. This includes a food source free of toxins.

It was in the midst of this awareness, frustrated by bees' continual exposure to chemically-laden nectar and pollen, that, in an effort to provide a wholly natural food source for bees and other endangered pollinators, the BEE POD™ was conceived: a natural pod of organic flowering seeds that when in bloom, provide a pollinator-specific, toxin-free food source.

No need to bury, the BEE POD™ is self-contained. Simply toss one wherever you like, upon flowering, it will feed our endangered bees with care.