RAW HONEY: food from bees

RAW HONEY: food from bees


Completely unheated, and unpasteurized, coarse strained, and lightly filtered. Contains all the good stuff; propolis, pollen particles, and beneficial enzymes. Crystallizes quickly and is probably crystallized when you receive it – and that’s okay. No refrigeration needed. Pure nectar derived raw honey. Directly from honey bees to you, the only middle man is my extractor. Humbly, I’ve been told it’s the best.

Homemade for you by bees.

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Size: Half pint (8 oz.) jar 

As a bee-tender, I can thought-fully provide housing and take precautionary measures to keep my bees’ health optimized.

In return, most years the colonies gift me with a surplus of their honey – pure raw honey, beyond their stored needs.

A delicious bonus to our symbiotic relationship.


This raw honey from happy, humming, bees is now available in a few cute area shops.

You can find it at:

Bird Cage Bookstore and Mercantile (in Racing Magpie), 406 5th St., Rapid City

insideout - gallery, home and garden, 150 Poplar St., Hill City



RAW HONEY 8 oz jar 

RAW HONEY 8 oz jar